Spiro Dellis

When I first met George, I was in the process of inheriting the family business which has been established in the Sydney suburb of Surry Hills for over 40 years.

At the time, we were a small retail shop selling old and second hand furniture. I was looking for help because I wanted to change the direction of the business into a custom designed, high end retailer and had no idea on how to do that.

I had no plan, no goals and no concrete vision. The day to day running of the business was hectic. I was completely time poor, I was doing everything myself, yet it felt like I wasn’t accomplishing anything or moving forward. I was stuck working my life away, day and night, including weekends. I didn’t have time to really go out or see my friends all that much and on top of it all, I was taking a small wage that really didn’t justify the effort at all.

Working with George, I got clear on my vision and set about putting it into motion. In only a few months, the business was unrecognisable. The old furniture was gone, replaced with new modern pieces and the layout, merchandising and frontage was completely transformed

With George’s guidance:

  • We created structure and systems to get my time back
  • We developed KPIs that allowed me to become very focused on the things that actually made an impact and created growth
  • Rather than having to rely on inconsistent passing trade, we implemented a proper sales and marketing strategy, that successfully targets Architects, Developers and Interior Designers
  • And there was so much more…

Since working with George:

  • Revenue has grown by 157%
  • Our average dollar sale went from $280 to $1200. An increase of 328%
  • Our sales conversion rate increased by 166%
  • Profits have increased significantly
  • I now employ a team of people who do the day to day tasks for me
  • With this team and our systems, the business can now run for weeks without me being there
  • We now get asked to tender for million dollar contracts to supply furniture for major developments
  • I have become a much better business man. People regularly approach me for help and advice and I have even been interviewed on TV as a retail expert!
  • My business has become a valuable asset, rather than a painful job
  • Most importantly, I really enjoy and am proud of what I do now

Working with George is easily the best thing I have ever done. It wasn’t always easy or fun, in fact George constantly pushed and held me accountable to follow through and perform at higher and higher levels. However, the knowledge, guidance, mentoring and support are second to none, and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!

George Zenon is a multi-award winning Business Strategist, Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Presenter and Best Selling Author.