I was very skeptical when I first met George, as I had never done any coaching or personal development before and had seen other “consultant types,” promise the world and deliver very little.

However, the company he was with at the time was recommended via my franchise group, he was the Head Coach there, had personally had tremendous success with some of the other centres in the group and I needed help too.

At the time, I was working extremely long hours, and while the business was doing well, it was only doing well because of my personal efforts. I was forever chasing customers, fulfilling orders and had team members that would constantly create more problems. This had well and truly started taking a toll on me physically, mentally and on my family too. Something needed to change because I could not go on like this.

Being a franchise, we had access to a lot of systems and processes, we just weren’t fully utilising them. The aim therefore, was to get my time back and to lift the overall performance of the company. George helped me focus on and improve all areas of my business as well as my management and leadership abilities.

I now have a business that is still doing well, but runs very efficiently without constant and never ending input from me, I also now have a great team that are able to step up and perform at high levels. George helped me with a new way of looking at life and business in general. I now am very goal and outcome orientated and focus on personal improvement and development.

While the industry has slowed down drastically, my business continues to perform consistently. I could focus on growing it further, but I am much more interested in spending my new found time with my young family and living a good quality life.

George Zenon is a multi-award winning Business Strategist, Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Presenter and Best Selling Author.