Louise Nobes

I first met George when my business was brand new. It was just me and a big dream to create a venture that could sustain itself while helping disadvantaged youth. I had come out of multiple senior roles in large Not For Profit Organisations and was used to managing large teams and resources. While I had a good understanding of business, this was my first commercial venture. I had received limited funding and I was overwhelmed with the enormous task that lay ahead of me.

I wanted structure, clarity, direction and a business model that would support rapid growth and expansion. After talking to George on numerous occasions and getting to know him well, we discovered that we shared a Vision to educate and empower disadvantaged youth with a strong entrepreneurial foundation. Shortly after, George joined our newly formed board and came on as a partner to provide strategic direction, frameworks for growth as well as advice and coaching for me as the CEO of the business.

The first thing we did was get clarity on where the business was and where it needed to go. We then broke that down into several key projects, focusing on what would provide the most value and then built an action plan around each to provide momentum. On top of that, we came up with a great business model and structure (changing it completely from what it was), as well as working on our marketing, people and strategy for growth. All this was achieved through hard work, determination and frameworks provided by George.

I went from being overwhelmed to gunning it! In only 12 months, the results have been staggering:

  • Built a diverse and mature Board for InspiredBUY, currently sitting at 7 members
  • Recruited and trained a great team of people around me
  • Secured major National partners, including Westfield, Uniting Communities and the Department of Education
  • Established a chain of coffee shops called KIK Coffee, which employs under privileged youths who have graduated from our entrepreneurial courses
  • With an intense focus on team, training and systems, the first KIK Coffee store, which employs 11 youths + a manager, was profitable from day one of operations and was running without my involvement in the day to day – within 3 months
  • We have now secured close to $750,000 in funding and are on track to open 3 more stores and run many more courses
  • We are also in advanced discussions with potential partners to further expand and start new social ventures in the Recruitment as well as Hospitality industries

Above all else, the biggest difference to myself on a personal level, has been the Entrepreneurial mindset I’ve developed and nurtured. I always felt that it was in me, but now I am living it and get to help and empower so many people along the way.

If you get a chance to work with George, DO IT!

Louise Nobes
Founder & CEO
InspiredBUY & KIK Coffee

George Zenon is a multi-award winning Business Strategist, Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Presenter and Best Selling Author.