In the space of less than a year we have gone from a small Sydney based handyman business, to a national maintenance and fit out company. We now work with some of the largest retail organisations in the country and are looking to expand into New Zealand and beyond next year.

Before meeting George, we had constant cashflow problems and were forever trying to chase new work. There was never enough time to get anything done, let alone time for enjoyment or family as 100+ hour weeks were normal.

Working with George, we restructured our business model, developed a new and more focused marketing strategy, put an emphasis on team and productivity, and now build systems and automation into everything we do.

This means that as a business, we can now invest our resources into ensuring that we provide the best service at the best price and our new and existing customers love how responsive and cost effective we have become.

It’s served us very well too, because both our revenue and bottom line profits are on track to increase to the tune of around 2000% this year.

I can’t believe how big and fast it has all happened.

George Zenon is a multi-award winning Business Strategist, Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Presenter and Best Selling Author.