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Do You Have a Good Business & Want to Make It Great?

New Book Reveals 11 Critical Strategies Proven to Create More Profit, Scale & Growth

"My monthly revenue grew from $250k to $600k whilst becoming much more profitable. I now have a growing number of documented systems that run my business as well as a larger and better team. In 2016, we were ranked in the top 50 fastest growing businesses in Australia by the Financial Review and BRW Magazine."

-Chris Harris, Empire Commercial Enterprises

What People Are Saying...

Exactly What You're Getting In The Book...

First of all, this isn't like most business books that take 300+ pages to cover something that could have been done in less than 30. It's all killer content and no filler - just proven frameworks, strategies and tactics that are working right now

 And it's easy to read...  

It's written in a casual and conversational manner. Each chapter is completely self-contained, meaning you can quickly find what you're looking for, digest it and apply it straight away.

 Best of all...  

It's based 100% on practical, real life strategies that have been refined over 15 years and yielded massive results to businesses in over 34 industries.

Here's the exact frameworks and strategies you're getting in the book:

  • The 6 Key Growth Drivers - And why you need to structure your business around them if you want to create scale and growth
  • The Business Ascension Model - The four stages of strategic growth and how to succeed at each
  • The Implementation Cycle - How to ensure you get the maximum performance from all areas of your business, new and existing
  • The Time Value Amplifier - A simple and easy to implement formula that will greatly boost your personal productivity
  • The Team Development Cycle - The secret to building and maintaining an ‘A- Grade’ team
  • The Recruitment Relay - How to hire the right person, for the right role, who's the right fit for your business
  • The Management Matrix - 5 Keys to being a highly effective manager
  • The Niche Maker - How to create super marketing campaigns that attract high quality, targeted leads
  • The Engagement Triangle - The simple process that turns cold prospects into convinced buyers
  • The Planning Paradox - Why most plans suck and what to do about it
  • The Traction Model - How to create a plan that actually gets implemented and drives consistent growth

If you're a business owner with the drive, determination and willingness to turn your good, stalled or stuck business, into a BOOMING business, then you NEED to read this book straight away.

But it gets better because you're also getting ... 

FOUR BONUS Business Growth Resources, Just for You

Real World Results...

Chris Harris, Owner and Director Empire Commercial Enterprises

David Andrawes, Co-Founder directSMS

Pip de Rohan, Managing Director Project One Interiors

Spiro Dellis, Business Owner Dellis Furniture

About the Author...

George Zenon is an award-winning Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, Presenter and Best Selling Author.  

Over the last fifteen years, he has directly helped more than 300 businesses in 34 industries improve all areas of performance and presented to thousands more. 

He has owned multiple businesses of his own, built and led one of the highest performing teams in the business coaching industry worldwide, as well as helped launch several highly successful social ventures.  

With a passion for learning, education and all things business, a staple of George’s success has been a focus on strong leadership as well as the utilisation of proven frameworks that are simple to understand and easy to implement.

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